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Shpella e Pellumbave

Shpella e Pëllumbave is a small beach squeezed in between the rocks of the Ionian coast, near Ksamil in the south of Albania. The beach is located right next to Mirror Beach.

Manastiri Beach

One of the very first beaches when travelling from south of Albania towards the town of Sarandë is the beach Plazhi Manastirit located in the region Vlorë.

Pasqyra Beach

One of the very first beaches near the town Ksamil when travelling to the south of Albania is the beach Plazhi i Pasqyrave located in the region Vlorë

Pulëbardha beach

Pulebardha beach is in the 3th place out of 87 beaches in the Vlore County region The beach is located in an urban area with very picturesque views, among the mountains, surrounded by the cliffs.


Ksamil is a village and a former municipality in the riviera of Southern Albania, and part of Butrint National Park. At the 2015 local government reform it became a subdivision of the municipality Sarandë.

Gjiri i Roidhes

In Rrojdhe, where sailors stop to take shelter when the sea becomes scary, the vegetation under the water is so dense that it gives another color and clarity to the sea. The reefs are full of sea urchins, and if you're careless you could find yourself spending the rest of the trip picking up spines under your feet.


Krorëza Beach is a deserted beach on the Albanian Riviera, just above Kakoma Bay. The beach is isolated by rocks on three sides and has amazing turquoise waters.

Gremina Beach

Grammata Bay is located on the Karaburun Peninsula, otherwise known as Grammata Bay. It lies in the radius of the western slope, very close to Orikum (in Pashaliman).

Ushtari beach

Ushtari Beach is located in the northeast of the city of Saranda in front of Kakome Beach.It is a small beach, with big stones and lots of greenery around. It is accessible both by boat and on foot.


Kakome Beach (Plazhi i Kakomesë) is a beach that is completely secluded in a bay (Kakome Bay). The surroundings are beautiful and green and the beach is totally deserted.